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ArticleThe New York Common Pantry



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Altfest’s philanthropic effort roots deep into the firm’s organizational culture and is reflected by giving back to the community. The New York Common Pantry was founded by Karen Altfest in 1980 and its mission is to reduce hunger throughout New York City. In 2016, over 2.5 million meals were given away. Altfest employees frequently visit the East Harlem location to participate in the Hot Meals program, which was created to distribute a hearty balanced breakfast and dinner to low income families. Additionally, every year a large group of people from the firm volunteer during the Thanksgiving period where over 2,000 turkeys, accompanied with other traditional Thanksgiving foods, are given away.

Not only does Altfest pride itself on delivering financial peace of mind to its clients, it also focuses on aiding the community. As an Altfest employee, you too can make a change!




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