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ArticleNew Complimentary Tax Benefit for NYSDA Members



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As the preferred wealth manager for New York State Dental Association (NYSDA) members since 2010, Altfest Personal Wealth Management is pleased to offer a new member benefit – a Complimentary Tax Checkup.


Why NYSDA Decided to Introduce This New Benefit

Most practicing dentists pay more in income taxes than the average American earns. Uncovering key tax optimization opportunities that are commonly overlooked can help save significant money over time.

NYSDA wants to help ensure its members are setting themselves up for financial wellness both now and in the future. Altfest has worked with dentists since its founding in 1983, and has expertise in both tax planning guidance and holistic financial planning for healthcare professionals.


About the Complimentary Tax Checkup

The purpose of this benefit is to help you ensure you are taking advantage of tax savings opportunities in both your personal and professional finances. Here is how the benefit works:

1. Schedule a 30-minute phone call checkup at this link, or by reaching out to Aron Lenkowsky directly at (212) 796-8728 or alenkowsky@altfest.com.

2. During your 30-minute checkup, you will be encouraged to share your most pressing tax questions, such as, “Am I taking advantage of viable deductions? How can I maximize qualified savings? What is included in the QBI deduction?” In this conversation, Aron will get a feel for your current tax situation.

3. At a regroup meeting that will be scheduled during your phone call checkup, Altfest professionals will provide an overview of key opportunities for tax optimization and savings.

Learn more about Altfest’s comprehensive wealth management services at altfest.com/dentists.



Altfest does not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. In considering this material, you should discuss your individual circumstances with professionals in those areas before making any decisions. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training. For its sponsorship of this program, NYSDA Support Services receives nominal financial support from Altfest Personal Wealth Management to help underwrite association programs.


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