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VideoKaren Altfest in Conversation with Gregg Greenberg of Investment News



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In an interview with Gregg Geenberg of Investment News, Karen Altfest discusses her work helping women to take ownership of their finances.

Even today, men tend to control household finances, especially baby boomers. Karen explains how fathers talk to their sons and not their daughters about financial matters and decisions, leading women to feel uninvited to the conversation.

Karen encourages women to feel confident, to take a finance class, talk with their friends and community regarding financial matters—and even to use a bit of “elbow grease” to get a seat at the table.

Ultimately, Karen’s extensive work in educating women—salons, events, articles, podcasts and more—isn’t for the sake of teaching women “whether they should have a Roth IRA” but is rather to “give women confidence that they can do more.”


Watch the video on IN the News here.


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