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On March 13th at the French Institute Alliance Française, Altfest women and clients gathered for the 2019 Women’s Financial Salon®, Perspectives from Altfest Women, to share their insights on issues spanning the worlds of finance and technology.

Karen Altfest, CFP®, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, discussed the importance of financial literacy and empowerment for women. (17:44 minutes)

Sush Poddar, MBA, Investment Strategist, took a look at long-term market trends and what it could mean for the future. (8:49 minutes)

Ekta Patel, CFP®, MBA, Director, examined the relationship between technology and financial planning. (13:54 minutes)

Ali Taylor, Marketing Strategist, highlighted best practices for managing your digital footprint. (11:16 minutes)

Total time: 51:54 minutes


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