ArticleYoung Professionals Shouldn’t Have to Compromise When Working With a Financial Advisor



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If you can order groceries, stream entertainment or contact friends around the world in almost any way and at any time that’s convenient for you, why should working with your financial advisor be any different?

Millennials, or people roughly between age 25 and 45 now, make up the largest segment of the U.S. population, and have forever changed the way we live in many ways. Research shows that the majority of affluent millennials expect to stay with their parents’ financial advisors for now, but they aren’t sure their assets are properly allocated. Only about 38% have taken a risk tolerance assessment. Does any of that sound like you? If so, we have some suggestions that might make you rethink those positions as a young professional.

Prioritizing Student Debt Repayment?

You’re likely burdened with heavy student debt, a fact that means you haven’t even begun working on long-term saving yet — whether for retirement or a first home or some other life goal. But you can do all these things at once with careful planning.

Beyond that, you expect to have a series of different careers, and you feel strongly about your investments being sustainable and making a positive impact on our world. After reviewing your unique financial picture, a financial advisor can provide a custom path to a secure retirement, no matter what twists and turns your professional road takes. This financial path can be built on socially responsible investment choices, if that’s your preference. 

Digital-First Advice

As financial advisors, we’re the first to admit our business hasn’t always been cutting-edge when it comes to smart uses of technology to serve our clients. But today, we’re harnessing innovative new tools to show you how much more value we add than simply relying on Google, TikTok or YouTube for your financial advice. 

At Altfest Personal Wealth Management, we want to show you how we differentiate ourselves from Betterment, Wealthfront, Robinhood and other automated fintech apps you may have tried and liked. 

Our technology, along with our customized approach, makes it simple to manage your money, ask us questions and see how you are progressing — whenever it’s convenient for you. We leverage ambitious tools like AI, coupled with holistic ways of thinking, to securely generate quick data visualizations from the financial documents you give us. 

We make it easy to model and interact with your finances, either on your own or with an advisor, to figure out how to get to where you want to go. Know too that making a wider impact in our community and planet is as important to Altfest as it is to you. While we take day-to-day responsibility for your portfolio, we also appreciate your choice as a client to trade on your own sometimes.

Beyond full-service investment oversight, what makes us stand out is decades of commitment to comprehensive and caring wealth management. Make no mistake, though — we are eager to work with clients who have not yet amassed significant assets, and we have a track record of doing so. You may find just what you are looking for with our highly personalized services, even if you don’t consider yourself a high earner yet. 

Looking Ahead

We respect that mobile apps have awakened lots of Millennials to the possibilities of trading bitcoin and stocks. Our firm would like to show you some other ways you may not have thought about that complement that empowerment. 

This means proven approaches like cash management, tax strategy, health and life insurance review, guidance on business or investment real estate ownership and prudent estate planning. As an Altfest client, you gain a personal chief financial officer who knows your risk tolerance and handles your money matters as a trusted advisor — and who listens. 

We’re ready to meet and discuss some new solutions for a flexible financial future, in any mode you prefer: videoconference, social media, text or e-mail, or in person. 

FINIPEDIA, a registered trademark with Altfest Personal Wealth Management, is a great resource for young professionals as they begin to plan for and establish long term financial goals. We want to empower young professionals with wealth management tools, tips, and resources that can help them succeed on their journey to financial wellness.

Speak with a Financial Professional

As a young professional, you confront more uncertainty than your parents did, but you also have more choices. Look to Altfest for help in understanding the benefits of a new financial plan and realize financial goals. It’s never too early to start. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Altfest.



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