Lewis J. Altfest Selected as One of NAPFA’s 30 Most Influential


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NAPFA 30 Most Influential

We are pleased to announce that NAPFA (The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) members have voted and selected Lew Altfest as one of NAPFA’s 30 Most Influential. This special recognition is being done as part of NAPFA’s 30th anniversary this year and is recognizing those members and staff who have had profound impact on the organization over those 30 years. NAPFA is the country’s leading professional association of fee-only financial advisors.

There will be a number of press releases sent over the next several weeks to the media announcing the honorees. In addition, NAPFA will be recognizing the 30 Most Influential in the June issue of The NAPFA Advisor Magazine. Lew’s photo and some biographical information will be included in the issue. NAPFA will be recognizing Lew Altfest and those selected as NAPFA’s 30 Most Influential at the 2013 NAPFA Spring Conference during the Awards banquet.

This recognition is particularly special to Lew and Altfest Personal Wealth Management.

Lew has been involved with the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) from its very first meeting; he served as a founding member and board member of NAPFA beginning in 1983, the same year as founding his firm, Altfest Personal Wealth Management.

He chaired the first NAPFA National Conference at Pace University, NYC, for 40 stalwart attendees, and other conferences, including most recently, the Advanced Planners conference in St. Petersburg, FL (2007).

Lew Altfest continues to be a leader at NAPFA. He has spoken at many NAPFA conferences, including, NAPFA’s 2011 practice management conference held in Brooklyn and NAPFA’s Consumer Webinar Series: Putting the Markets in Perspective on March 4, 2011. He also served on the CFEF Committee for Financial Education. Additionally, Lew donates his firm’s facilities for NAPFA activities in NYC, most recently a meeting on Consumer Education on Credit Cards with Congresswoman, Carolyn Maloney.

He is active in the fee-only planning community with emphasis on seeking to advance financial planning as a profession, providing financial education, charitable funding and mentorship. Lew continues to serve as a role model for younger NAPFA members and gladly offers career advice to those seeking to enter the profession.

To learn more about NAPFA, visit www.napfa.org.


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