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ArticleAndrew Altfest Launches New AI-Driven Software to Better Serve Clients



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FP AlphaWe are excited to share that Andrew Altfest, CFP®, MBA has launched FP Alpha, an AI-powered technology solution for financial advisors, by financial advisors, to help take client service to the next level.

FP Alpha is the first comprehensive wealth management platform to utilize artificial intelligence (AI). Altfest advisors use FP Alpha to alert them in real-time to planning opportunities in clients’ financial plans across seventeen different areas, including tax, estate and insurance.

The platform enables us to give our clients timely and actionable recommendations tailored to each individual’s needs. The time saved by utilizing this technology instead of managing a litany of spreadsheets and checklists, has been reallocated to our advisors can work even more closely with clients.

The success of this tool internally at Altfest prompted Andrew to offer the product to the financial advisor community, so they too could broaden their service scope and differentiate themselves from their robo competitors.

Learn more about FP Alpha at


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