Complimentary Consultation
Forbes recognized Andrew Altfest as one of America's Top Next-Generation Wealth Advisors for 2017.
Lew Altfest again has ranked high on Barron's Top 1,200 Financial Advisors in the country for 2017.
Forbes recognized Karen Altfest as one of America's Top Women Wealth Advisors for 2017.
Lewis Altfest has once again been named one of Barron's "Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors" for 2016.
Advisory HQ listed Altfest Personal Wealth Management among the Best Financial Advisors in New York.
Karen Altfest is profiled by Investment News for her leadership and passion in "Women to Watch."
Influencer Awards: Lewis and Karen Altfest receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from Financial Planning Magazine.
Research Magazine inducted Lew Altfest into the Advisor Hall of Fame, Class of 2014.
NAPFA (The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) members have voted and selected Lew Altfest as one of NAPFA's 30 Most Influential.
Media Recognition

“Dedicated client service and getting to know them at a deeply personal level has resulted in a steady stream of referrals that keep Altfest Personal Wealth Management growing.”
Investment News, 2015

“Dreamer. Pioneer. Game changer. Lew Altfest, widely credited with changing financial planning for the better, is all those things.”
Research Magazine, 2014

"Total Portfolio Management...blends analytical and personalized assessment to create customized client portfolios."
Think Advisor, 2014

Lew and Karen Altfest received “Financial Planning’s Lifetime Achievement Influencer Award for their shared roles in both spreading the gospel of objective, fee-only financial planning in the consumer marketplace, and for reaching out to women on personal financial issues.”
Financial Planning, 2013

Karen Altfest is “a highly ranked and regarded financial advisor.”
The Wall Street Journal, 2012

“Well respected for his value approach to investing, [Lew] Altfest is constantly scouring the globe for bargains.”
Medscape, 2012

Lew Altfest is one of the “financial planning profession’s most respected veterans.”
Money magazine, 2009

Karen Altfest is “One of the most prominent female wealth managers in the business.”
Wealth Manager, 2008

"In this world of growing uncertainty, it can be reassuring to turn to a seasoned professional for advice and guidance. One of the country's top financial planners is Lewis Altfest."
PBS' WealthTrack, 2006

If God needed a financial planner, “God would hire Lewis Altfest.”
Gannet News Services, 2006

“Lew Altfest is one of the best at poking holes in all of the foolish, misguided, and overly complex investment ideas people too often think are the solutions to their financial problems.”
Kiplinger’s, 1992

Lew Altfest is one of America’s “Best Financial Planners.”
Money magazine, 1987

Altfest in the Media

Altfest professionals frequently appear in the national and local print, television and Internet media. Below is a representative sample of recent appearances.


May 15
Karen Altfest offered several comments for the article, "10 Tips on Landing Seven-Figure Clients."

May 11
As the executive vice president of our family-owned fee-only wealth management firm, Karen Altfest offered some insight for the piece, "Can handing the firm over to a relative work?"

May 6
In light of the recently release federal tax reform proposal, Karen Altfest was interviewed among several experts to highlight "Tax Moves to Make Now, Ahead of Potential Overhaul."

May 3
In an article that highlights investment mistakes that doctors have made, Karen Altfest offered several thoughts on how to avoid falling into the same traps, in the article, "Doctors' 5 Most Frequent Investing Mistakes - and How to Avoid Them."

April 14
Andrew Altfest discussed interest rates and the impact that rising rates could have on investment portfolios, for the article “Overhaul Your Portfolio As Interest Rates Rise.”

April 3
Steve Cadoff offered some comments regarding options for retirees to remain in their home during retirement for the article "4 reverse mortgage loan secrets of wealthier retirees."

Lew Altfest offered some thoughts for entrepreneurs who contemplate opening their own investment management firm, in the article “Firm Commitment.”
March 17
Paul Palazzo joined Veronica Dagher for the “Watching Your Wealth” podcast, to help answer listeners’ personal finance questions.

March 9
Barron's and Wall Street Journal
Lew Altfest again has ranked high on Barron’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors in the country. This is Lew’s fourth time on Barron’s largest and most comprehensive list of advisors based on assets under management, revenue, and the quality of the advisor’s practices.

March 3
Mike Prendergast discusses some of the intricacies regarding the age to begin collecting Social Security in the article, “When Should You Take Social Security.”

February 28
On Forbes’ inaugural list of “America’s Top Women Advisors”, Karen C. Altfest, Ph.D., CFP®, ranked #17 out of 200 female advisors. Forbes notes Karen’s hand-on approach to financial planning in the feature article: "Why Financial Advisor Karen Altfest Loves Volatility And Brexit."

Money magazine
Lewis Altfest was interviewed for the article, "Every Crisis is Different."

January 29
Andrew Altfest discussed municipal bonds as well as charitable giving for the article, "4 Ways to Avoid a 50 Percent Hit to Your Retirement Savings."

January 19
Paul Palazzo was asked to offer his retirement planning thoughts for the article, "Why This Works Better Than The 4 Percent Rule for Retirees."

January 3
Mike Prendergast's expertise in matters relating to Social Security benefits was highlighted in the article, "Social Security Savviness Still Pays Off."

January 3
Lewis Altfest offered his professional thoughts for the article, "4 Big Investing Trends You Can Bet On for the Next Several Years."


December 23
Lewis Altfest took part in a panel discussion, where the topic of trade under the new Presidential administration was discussed. Lew's comments are featured in the posting, “Should We Expect a Trade War Under Trump”

December 23
Karen Altfest is featured in the article, "Playing Politics with the Millionaire Portfolios is a Dangerous Mix," which includes a look at a recently released CNBC Millionaire Survey regarding the investment outlook of wealthy Americans.

December 19
Karen Altfest offered some comments for the article, "US Millionaires’ Plans Under Trump."

December 16
Karen Altfest shared her professional experience for the Veronica Dagher article, "Personal-Finance Lessons From the Ultrawealthy."

December 11
Four weeks after the election of Donald Trump, Lewis Altfest was asked his thoughts for the article, "How to Play the Trump Stock Market Rally."

November 13
Paul Palazzo offered his comments for the article, "Afraid of Losing Obamacare? Some Preventive Care From Financial Pros."

November 10
Karen Altfest was quoted in the post-election article, "Trump's Surprise Victory Sent Global Markets on a 12 Hour Thrill Ride."

The second part to Karen Altfest's feature on coping with widowhood was published, "12 Guidelines for Widows, and Suggestions for Husbands."

October 18
Karen Altfest highlighted some special steps Altfest Personal Wealth Management takes to effectively communicate with clients in "Messages Make for Happier Clients."

October 6
Karen Altfest shared her hands-on client experience in "List the Biggest Client Mess I Ever Cleaned Up."

October 3
Lewis Altfest was featured in the article, "Jittery Investors Are Pulling Back," where he discussed investor concerns and steps that Altfest Personal Wealth Management is taking to reduce investment risk.

September 15
Investment News
Andrew Altfest participated in a webcast

September 12
Karen Altfest was featured in the "Advice from the Pro" section, in the piece titled, "An Entrepreneur, Full time: Quitting a Job to Run a Business." In this article, Karen highlights financial steps that an entrepreneur can take while working to grow a new business.

September 11
Lewis Altfest discussed the current sentiment around small cap stocks in the article "The Bull Is Still Running So Why Are Investors Tiptoeing?"

September 9
Lewis Altfest was interviewed for the article "Advisers May Fund a Successor Close to Home."

September 1
Karen Altfest was featured in a Wall Street Journal podcast, "What wise widows know about wealth management," which focused on the financial planning needs of recent widows.

August 27
Lewis Altfest was ranked #54 in the Nation in Barron's 2016 list of the Top 100 Independent Investment Advisors" ranking.

August 26
Karen Altfest discussed how Altfest Personal Wealth Management makes adjustments to investment portfolios based on age and risk tolerance in the article, "Pinpoint the Right Target-Date Funds Strategy for Clients."

August 9
Karen Altfest appeared in the article "Top Advisers Rejecting Robo-Advice Model," highlighting the Altfest approach to personalized investing for clients.

July 15
Dawn Brown was interviewed for an article on student loans, "The Perils of Cosigning that Student Loan."

Karen Altfest authored the article "After a Loss: 6 Smart Steps for Coping With Widowhood," which offers an indepth look at one's financial life after the loss of a spouse.

June 28
Dawn Brown's comments were included in the article "7 Common Misconceptions About 529 College Savings Plans." During this interview, Dawn stated, "By saving now and investing funds, they will benefit from the growth available to help pay for college."

June 24
Lewis Altfest highlighted steps being taken with regard to the Brexit vote, in the article "Brexit is No ‘Armageddon’ as Advisers Calm Jittery Investors."

June 24
In the wake of Britain's decision to leave the European Union, Lewis Altfest was interviewed for the article "7 Things That Will Make You Feel Much Better About Brexit."

June 9
Karen Altfest spoke with for the article "Investors' election fears based on feelings, not fact: Advisors," regarding investor's pre-election jitters.

June 1
Karen Altfest authored the article "Due Diligence: 10 Steps to Avoiding Ponzi Schemes and Financial Fraud," which offers important advice for investors and suggests some key questions to ask before investing your money.

NAPFA Advisor
Andrew Altfest was quoted in this industry publication's article, "Your Clients’ Most Important Capital"

Karen Altfest was featured in the article "Distaff Dollar Decisions Distress Ladies," where she discussed a recent poll that showed "about six out of 10 Americans are losing sleep over at least one financial issue"

May 18
Karen Altfest was featured in the article "America's millionaires don't like what they see in the markets or economy."

May 8
Dawn Brown authored the article "Choosing Summer Camp Early Can Mean Savings: STEM, drama, swimming, and reading keep young bodies and minds in tune."

Karen Altfest contributed to "4 Rules for Shacking Up in Retirement," which looks at arrangements to consider when cohabitating in retirement.

April 7
Mike Prendergast discussed the value of selecting a financial advisor with the appropriate credentials and who has a legally required fiduciary responsibility to always act in a client's best interest, in the article "Should You Fire Your Financial Advisor?

April 1
The article "Giving Back…And Getting Much, Much More In Return," which includes comments from Karen Altfest, looks at the value of volunteering after retirement.

March 24
Karen Altfest was featured in the Say What segment, in which a financial adviser shares an unforgettable statement. In this write-up, "Say What? A Dying Man Says ‘Don’t Worry’ About His Wife," Karen reflected on the message and impact of the statement on a soon-to-be widow.

March 8
Dawn Brown authored the article "How To Apply for Financial Aid Without the Stress: Talk is cheap, but college isn't."

February 19
Karen Altfest was featured in an article that looks at her charitable contributions to the New York community, most notably as the founder of the Yorkville Common Pantry, now known as the New York Common Pantry - New York City’s largest community-based food pantry, serving over 30,000 people a year.

February 18
Lewis Altfest expressed his thoughts on bank stocks in the piece "Opinion: Investors Just Went Bonkers, So You Know It’s Time to Buy Stocks."

February 17
Lewis Altfest was quoted in the investment article "Buy, Sell or Hold? What to Do With the 10 Most Popular Stocks and Funds."

February 2
Andrew Altfest offered his thoughts on investing in multi-family housing for the article "Want to Buy a Rental Property? Tread Cautiously."

February 1
Mike Prendergast was interviewed for the article "Social Security Savvy Still Pays."

January 17
Lewis Altfest was interviewed about investing in developing economies for the article "When Emerging Markets Roar, Stand Your Ground."


December 2
With the cost of college continuing to increase, Dawn Brown authored the article "How To Budget for a 529 Plan: Saving even a little now will make a big difference later."

November 23
Karen Altfest was selected as one of 20 Women to Watch. In receiving this recognition, Karen stated, "My focus on women is why I come to work every day."

November 14
Lewis Altfest discussed the new retirement plan option myRA (my Retirement Account) in the article “The Government’s New Retirement Plan Doesn’t Deliver”

November 11
John Valentini appeared in the article “The Rise of Low Residency Programs,” which looks at new options for securing advanced degrees.

November 10
Karen Altfest was a guest on a Financial Times investment panel, which was highlighted in "Expanding International Exposure in Clients’ Portfolios."

November 9
Lewis Altfest participated in a year-end look at the investment markets, in the article "A Year-End Game Plan for Investors: Stocks aren’t just going up, up, up anymore. Here are five ways to cushion the blow."

October 29
Karen Altfest was selected as an inaugural "Woman to Watch," an initiative that aims to recognize women who are distinguished leaders, who are driven, who are innovators and who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with other women.

Lewis Altfest contributed to the piece "How to Stay Zen About the Market."

September 22
Lewis Altfest discussed international investing in this profile piece, "Lew Altfest: Looking for Value in International Diversification."

Money Magazine
Lewis Altfest shared his thoughts on the current stock market for the article "Clear Thinking For a Noisy Market."

August 18
Karen Altfest discussed her thoughts in the article "Residents: The Great Debt Dilemma."

August 6
Dawn Brown authored the article "Put a 529 Plan on Your Back-to-School Shopping List" in which she highlighted the benefits of a 529 plan for a loved one's future education expenses.

Karen Altfest particiapted in an indepth conversation on the financial challenges faced by the "sandwich generation," those who are supporting both aging parents and their own children.

July 6
Paul Palazzo, a Certified Options Advisor, contributed to the piece "4 mistakes people make with stock options."

June 23
SiriusXM's Your Money
Paul Palazzo appeared on the Your Money radio show.

June 19
Karen Altfest was featured in the piece "Real Communication Plays to Women’s Strengths."

June 18
Karen Altfest commented in the article "Money Advice from Famous TV Dads."

June 16
Andrew Altfest discussed real estate investing in the article "3 ways to turbocharge your income."

June 15
Mike Prendergast offered thoughts on steps that a dentist who is beginning to plan for retirement can take to ensure that all the parts of his financial life are optimized so that his money is working as hard as possible for him in the Your Money Section article "A Dentist With Much to Smile About."

June 15
Lewis Altfest was quoted in "How to break Americans of shortsighted saving habits."

June 14
Lewis Altfest discussed factors to consider when researching alternative investment opportunities in the article "Considering Alternatives Investments Factor in Illiquidity."

Financial Planning Magazine
Andrew Altfest's comments on real estate investments were highlighted in "Real Estate Tightens Up."

May 24
Karen Altfest was featured in the Best Practices section, speaking about the Altfest approach to client service, in the article "Firm built on trust responds to the needs of its clients."

May 15
Karen Altfest discussed Altfest Personal Wealth Management's success in the piece "Keys To Success: A Q&A With Top Financial Advisor Karen Altfest."

May 13
Mike Prendergast was featured in "Helping Clients Avoid Social Security Mistakes," a profile piece that highlight's Mike's passion for wealth management.

April 10
Dawn Brown highlighted “5 Ways To Save For Your Child’s College Education.”

March 16
Karen Altfest was featured in the Game Changers/Billion Dollar Babies section, in the article "Fee-Only Pioneer Blazes a New Trail.”

March 2
Karen Altfest was quoted in “Aiding and Abetting: How Client Wrongdoing Can Hurt You.”

February 5
Karen Altfest commented on entrepreneurs who continue to maintain full-time jobs in the article "So your pet project took off. Time to ditch the day job?"

January 22
Karen Altfest was featured in "Why Bother Hiring an Adviser," a video segment that looked at the value of individuals working with financial advisors.


NY Magazine
Lew and Karen Altfest were named in the Five Star Professional Top Wealth Managers listing

December 15
Andrew Altfest offered several financial planning tips to New York City entrepreneur Jennifer Walsh in the article "Beauty Entrepreneur Does a Makeover"

December 7
Andrew Altfest discussed bond fund investment strategies in the article "Get Your Bonds Ready for a Fed Rate Boost"

November 24
Lew Altfest is inducted into the 2014 Advisor Hall of Fame, with this article noting, "Dreamer. Pioneer. Game changer. Lew Altfest, widely credited with changing financial planning for the better, is all those things."

November 11
Mike Prendergast is featured in the article "Find Social Security sweet spot, including the 'do-over' option," which offers several tips on maximizing your Social Security benefits.

Paul Palazzo, a Certified Options Advisor, authored the article "Options Still Lucrative," which highlights strategies to maximizing the value of stock options in a portfolio.

October 22
Reuters TV
Lew Altfest appeared in an interview to discuss retirement.

October 15
Altfest Personal Wealth Management was highlighted as a recipient of the Best Practice Award in the article "Top advisers stand out on metrics of growth and productivity"

October 11
Karen Altfest highlighted why it is important for financial advisors to build a trusting relationship with both spouses for the article "For some widows, breaking up with an advisor is easy to do."

September 26
Investment News
Karen Altfest appeared in a video that highlighted past recipients of the Community Leadership Award.

August 25
ThinkAdvisor and Investment Advisor
In a review of a new book, "Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing", which focuses on behavioral finance and behavioral economics, a chapter written by Lew Altfest is highlighted in the article "Investor Behavior by the Book."

Money Magazine
Lew Altfest commented on an exchange traded fund and the volativity of gold in the article "X-Ray: SPDR Gold Shares."

July 7
Investment analyst Peter Jun discussed the firm's thinking on floating rate funds in the article "Investors Retreat from Bank-Loan Funds."

July 11
Lew Altfest commented on municipal bonds in response to a reader's inquiry in the article "Money Pros: Municipal Bonds Can Be Very Attractive For Those in a Tax Bracket of At Least 20%."

July 7
Investment analyst Peter Jun shared insights into the firm’s strategy for considering investments in bank-loan funds. Peter informed journalist Daisy Maxey that “any increase in short-term rates is likely more than a year away, which makes the funds less attractive."

June 21
Karen Altfest discussed the firm's work with widows and highlighted steps people can take to set financial goals in the article "6 New Ways To Measure Money Goals."

June 13
Andrew Altfest discussed steps Altfest takes to educate our clients and their adult children in the article “Bridge Generational Divides To Connect With Clients."

June 2
Karen Altfest stepped in as the Daily News' Money Pro to address financial responsibilities of recent college gradutates in the article "How to Transition Your Boomerang Child to Financial Independence."

In an article on pilots and their 401K plans, Lew Altfest worked with the writer analyzing portfolios, making recommendations, and offering his usual sound advice.

Lew Altfest recently spoke at a Barron’s conference in Phoenix. In a separate video, he was interviewed about Altfest Personal Wealth Management’s proprietary approach to investment and financial planning, Total Portfolio Management ( TPM™). As part of this discussion, Lew discussed how the firm creates balanced portfolios for our clients.

May 12
Karen Altfest appeared in the article "Should Advisors Manage Their Own Wealth?"

May 1
Paul Palazzo spoke with Veronica Dagher of The Wall Street Journal on five potential risks to your retirement security.

April 18
The article "Teaching Clients Financial Discipline" features Paul Palazzo's advice regarding the importance of remaining focused on your financial needs and cash-flow projections for decades into the future.

April 14
Karen Altfest was recently asked to offer a financial game plan for a business owner who is eager to pay off his debt while maintaining his standard of living, in the article " A Couple Needs to Overcome Debt."

April 12
In the article "Investors, Collectible Toys Aren’t Child’s Play," Lew Altfest shares his concern about viewing collectibles as investments.

April 10
Peter Jun commented on the day's stock market performance in the article "Nasdaq Plunges 3% Due to Profit-Taking On Big Gains In Momentum, High-Growth Shares, Selling to Pay 2013 Taxes."

April 10
In response to a question submitted to the Chicago Tribune, Paul Palazzo offered some suggestions on retirement planning while discussing 401(k) plans and IRAs, in the article "What’s the 1st Step Toward Planning for Retirement?"

April 7
In preparation for filing taxes, Lew Altfest shared some tax deduction tips in the article "The most often missed tax tip: take all the deductions."

February 22
Lewis Altfest was ranked #46 in New York, in Barron's 2014 State-by-State "Top 1,200 Financial Advisors" ranking.

February 9
Andrew Altfest appeared in "How Donor-Advised Funds Work - and Don't Work," where he discussed the importance of understanding how donor-advised funds work. One point to remember is that the charity you wish to donate to many not be on the fund's list of approved charities, so be sure to check with the fund before you invest.

February 8
Lewis Altfest discussed the importance of communication regarding a couple's finances in the article "More Spouses Are Cheating (Financial, Anyway).” The article highlights the increasing number of people who deceive their partner about purchases made, debts incurred, and money earned.

Lewis Altfest shared his thoughts on capital appreciation and stocks that have good dividend yields for the article "Insider Tips: How Investors Can Prosper in 2014."

January 15
Karen Altfest offered congratulations for "Woman Around Town Celebrates Fifth Anniversary."

January 10
Lewis Altfest was interviewed for "In Search of Europe's Growth Stories," where he discussed how investors view the European economy and the impact that cost-cutting and the return to core business principles will have on businesses in Europe.


December 30
Karen Altfest discussed resolutions in "Forget Losing Weight: Vow to Make Financial Resolutions in 2014."

December 26
Karen Altfest spoke on financial New Year's resolutions.

December 23
Andrew Altfest discussed "Ways to Avoid Mistakes With Donor-Advised Funds."

December 14
Lewis Altfest was quoted in "Don’t Overlook Your Fund’s Shareholder Letter."

December 5
Karen Altfest appeared in the piece "Ready or not? Surveys conflict on Americans’ retirement preparedness."

December 2
Karen Altfest was featured in the article "Doctors’ 5 Most Common Financial Blunders."

November 26
Financial Planning & WSJ Wealth Adviser
Lewis Altfest was quoted in "Inflation Watch: 3 Potential Triggers."

November 18
Andrew Altfest appeared on an International Investing panel.

November 14
Lewis Altfest was interviewed for "Get Busy: Advisors Urge Clients to be Proactive with 2014 Tax Planning."

November 11
Karen Altfest was quoted in "Future New Yorkers Funding Moves to City Online."

October 1
"New Tang Dynasty"
Lewis Altfest appeared on the television program "New Tang Dynasty."

Lewis and Karen Altfest were featured on the cover and were named the recipients of The Influencer Award, a lifetime achievement award.

Mike Prendergast is quoted in "5 Signs It’s Time to Fire Your Financial Adviser."

Mike Prendergast is quoted in "8 Questions to Help Assess a Financial Adviser."

September 25
Lewis Altfest shared his thoughts in "Is a hedge fund in your future?"

September 16
Lewis Altfest was quoted in, "Five years after the demise of Lehman Brothers, lessons investors should have learned."

September 16
Lewis Altfest appeared in the piece, "It’s Not Too Soon to Start Year-End Planning."

September 4
Lewis Altfest was quoted in "US no longer ‘the place to be’ for investors."

Lewis Altfest provided comments for the article "Measuring Risk Tolerence."

August 28 and
Andrew Altfest appeared in an article discussing hedge fund advertising.

August 24
Lewis Altfest appeared on the list of 100 Top Independent Advisors.

August 19
Karen Altfest was quoted in "No stigma here: With rents through the roof, young New Yorkers are returning home to mom and dad."

July 30
Karen Altfest was quoted in "Minding Retirement Accounts in Estate Plans."

July 19
Karen Altfest discussed "Getting Through to Distracted Clients."

July 18
Andrew Altfest appeared in "Hedge-Fund Ads May Lure Performance Chasers."

July 15
Fox Business TV
Lewis Altfest was featured on The Willis Report.

July 3
Greg Lavine was quoted in “Short-Term Bond Funds Not Immune to Selloff.”

June 26
Lew Altfest shared his insights for the article "Gold Has Fallen, And It Can’t Get Up."

June 23
Lew Altfest was quoted in "15 Transformational Events: The Great Recession Scars Investors."

June 4
Lew and Karen Altfest were featured in "Adviser Couples Who Live, Work Together."

May 31
Lew Altfest appeared in the article "What Are You Afraid Of?”

May 24
Karen Altfest was interviewed for "Married? Check Out This Money To Do List Before Saying I Do."

May 21
Karen Altfest was quoted in "Windfall Can Have Pitfall in Lotto Wins."

May 19
Lewis Altfest appeared in the article "Inside Penny Pritzer’s portfolio: How a Billionaire Invests."

May 14
Karen Altfest was quoted in "Which Financial ‘Superstars’ Should You Trust?"

May 9
Karen Altfest was interviewed for "Helping New Grads Get a Financial Life."

May 1
Andrew Altfest was quoted in "New Rules for Real Estate Investing."

April 26
Karen Altfest provided thoughts on working with single women in "Women Who Are Single By Choice."

April 18
Rich Fichtel appeared in "Real Estate Income Alternative to Bonds."

April 11
Financial Advisor IQ
Andrew Altfest was quoted in "Oh, No! My Client Read the Business Section."

April 6
Lewis Altfest appeared in the article "Look for the Value in Value Funds."

March 30
Lewis Altfest shared his insights in the article "Money Advice for Doctors and Lawyers and the Rest of Us."

March 21
Greg Lavine was quoted in "Finding Value in Munis in Tough Yield Hunt."

March 20
Peter Jun was interviewed for "Stocks to Boost Your Nest Egg."

March 11
Karen Altfest was quoted in "The 10 Worst Places to Retire."

March 6
Lewis Altfest appeared in "Stock Market’s New Highs Have Mom and Pop Investors Asking If They Should Jump In."

March 1
Ross Wolfe was quoted in the article "Are High-Priced Managers Worth It?"

February 22
Lew Altfest appeared in "The Small-Cap Stock."

February 8
Lew Altfest was quoted in "Shore, Leave."

February 4
Karen Altfest interviewed for the article "Survivor’s Tip: Don’t Forget The Small Stuff."

February 3
Andrew Altfest was quoted in "How To Be Smarter About Taxes."

February 2
Karen Altfest was quoted in "What A Tangled Web We Leave."

February 1
Karen Altfest appeared in "What Happens When Wall Street's Mad Men Market to Women?"

January 26
Lewis Altfest was quoted in the piece "Money Honey Strife."

January 25
Karen Altfest was interviewed for the article "Conquer Your Holiday Debt."

January 14
Andrew Altfest was quoted in the article "Taking Advantage of IRA Charitable Rollover."

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