Post Election Conversation with Altfest Personal Wealth Management

Lew Altfest, CEO, was joined by a principal from the OB-C Group, a premier bipartisan lobbying firm in Washington, DC, to provide perspective about policy decisions the new administration might undertake on tax, regulation, trade and other areas, and how these changes may affect your finances. Guest Speaker: Daniel Kidera, who served in the Obama Administration as Director of the Secretary’s Briefing Book at the Department of Homeland Security

3 Responses to “Post Election Conversation with Altfest Personal Wealth Management”

  1. Jack Wiener says:

    Mr Kidera appears to have a very clear sense of the overall organizational framework that applies to all legislation, as well as the basic political background that might come into play with the Trump administration. I found the amount of information overwhelming to digest. It was goos to have Lew talk afterward to bring some perspective to our concerns. A great choice.

  2. Faith Van Voolen says:

    I found the speaker to be extremely informative and articulate.

    An excellent program.

    Thank you.

  3. Leslie Untracht says:

    Really Informative.

    Happy New Year